Haicheng xiang cheng mining co.,ltd  Is a mainly to mining and processing of large magnesium products refractory materials production enterprises, have their own independent mining, advantaged mineral resources, reserves of twenty million tons of magnesium stone factory is the production of assurance.

Our company mainly produce high iron (high calcium) magnesia, magnesium dolomite sand, iron ore, magnesium spinel sand), calcium magnesium sand, light burning magnesium powder, light burning magnesium ball, dead burned magnesite, middle-grade magnesia and electric furnace bottom ramming material, iron alloy electric furnace bottom ramming material etc series products of large enterprises.
  • High iron sand, dolomite sand magnesia, magnesium, calcium
  • High iron magnesia
  • Magnesium iron ore
  • Dolomite sand
  • Ramming material, vulcanizing
  • Light burning magnesium
  • Light burning magnesium ball
  • Dead-burned magnesite
  • Mid-range magnesium
The company from mining, light burning, ball to calcine all finished products are completed independently integration, through the ISO - 90001 quality management system certification products sold at home and abroad, favored by domestic and foreign customers praise and trust. Over the years, companies rely on scientific management and advanced production equipment, strict inspection system to carry on the production and processing, all qualified products factory.
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